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In print!

It’s been almost 8 days since I posted last – shame on me and this new blog I should be updating minimum of 3 times a week, but forgive, it’s been busy and crazy and fun around here with the dispatch of our latest SSA (Sushi Shawl Along) our 7th to date.

The SSA consists of a unique sushi sock roll, dyed in graduating tones of colour to reflect a ‘theme’ or thought I’ve had, SSA7 was slightly different in that the pattern that accompanied it this time was designed by a guest designer and not myself.

I’ll be updating the blog with a ‘Spoilers post’ and links to the designer later in the week, but not before our UK members have received their packages.

Today let me share some other excitement with you, well it’s exciting for me anyway, it’s one of the things that still makes my heart flutter when I see it, it’s my designs in print. It’s a real treat for me to think that I’ve made it as far as one of the delicious Knitting publications on the market today.

Last month, The Knitter Magazine published one of my designs, YAY! The pattern in question, when submitted to the design team for consideration was in fact a design for a mens garment named ‘Botany’. But the team at the Knitter saw more potential in the design than I had, and asked me if I could recreate a more feminine version of the design in more subtle tones, I thought about it and agreed, that was almost 1 year ago ( seriously guys, from submission to completion and publication can take an eternity ).

Well finally the issue arrived, issue 35 for anyone wanting to grab a copy, and it’s a beautiful issue, full of gorgeous designs, and I am so proud to have ‘Floriana’ included in it. The yarn used in the pattern is Debbie Bliss Rialto, but I am currently dyeing up some of my own yarns into ‘sets’ to try out a more ‘easyknits’ colour explosion version, and I am still planning a gentleman’s version for myself too.

The intarsia motif was originally take from a photograph of a blue poppy, which I sketched and re-drew as an abstract image before charting it to fit a full sized garment, having never worked with intarsia before I have to admit to being totally surprised at how quickly it knit up, and how much fun it was to see the image from the chart grow in the knit.

And that’s it for today folks, back soon with more 😀

Images courtesy of The Knitter Magazine.



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X-Factor Knit Along – Part 1

Well who watched it? Come on, you’re amongst friends here, you can admit it? Of course you know that I’m taking about X-Factor 2011, the first episode of this series!

It’s only 1 episode in and already I’m hooked, and there was talent, and tantrums, and just plain awfulness as usual. But I did enjoy it.

Perhaps it was the champagne that did it?

X-Factor 2011 begins - CHEERS!

X-Factor 2011 begins - CHEERS!

And for those of you that joined in, and made my first ever mystery sock KAL happen, thank you so much.

Don’t forget you can still join in, there isn’t a deadline each week, but it pays to complete each section each week as people with their completed X-Factor KALS all finished by the finals week will be entered into a prize draw and win some goodies, perfect in time for christmas presents for yourself. So go here and join in, you can download the first part of the pattern from the X-factor 2011 KAL page on this blog, or go to the Ravelry forum and follow the link to our website to grab it.

So I have completed sock 1 week 1, and will be casting on sock 2 this evening, once done, I will then start work on part 2 of the design, which will include the heel of the sock…. wanna see? Of course you do! Here is our lacy cuff with our first chart, and what else could it be apart from a giant X ? This sock is knit in Twinkle sock yarn in ‘Glace Cherry’.



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Delicious Deeply Wicked Deluge

Well it would be rude not to share these on the new blog wouldn’t it now?

Hope you are all enjoying the look and feel of the new blog, it’s slowly taking shape as I learn new tricks and techniques in wordpress that will help make this blog gorgeous as well as easy to read.

Today is Friday, and what does that mean here at HQ? Deeply Wicked update of course!

For those of you who are new to the world of and have not yet met a skein of Deeply Wicked yarn, I can of course inform you that the pictures you see here, just do not do them justice.

Deeply Wicked is dyed in a unique and exclusive way here at HQ which gives each skein it’s namesake, the yarn is completely saturated with dye and then ‘set’ in a way which allows each and every fibre/pore in the yarn to be penetrated with rich, vibrant colours.

Each skein is like a snowflake, it is unique in every way, although Deeply Wicked is dyed in 4 skein batches, not 1 of those 4 will be the same, even though from the same ‘bath’, making each skein a work of art, never to be repeated.

It is of no surprise to someone armed with the above information that the average update ( and their are 2 updates on a Friday, one at midday BST and one at 5pm for our friends overseas ) only last on average 30-40mins on the site before all skeins are snapped up.

Also at a recent event where Deeply Wicked had it’s debut, over 250 skeins sold in just 48hrs – Amazing huh? Deeply Wicked is ‘everything’ that stands for, it is fun, bright, unique, loud, cheerful, and luscious, each skein is 100%  4ply or DK Superwash Merino, offering a generous 400m (4ply) and 260m (DK).

In just 8 weeks since launching Deeply Wicked we have sold over 600 skeins and we’re dyeing more and more everyday.

In addition to the beautiful yarns we have been working hard to bring you 1 skein knits that will make your Deeply Wicked yarn simply ‘pop’ when you knit it up into any of the designs.Our latest creation ‘Shazaam’ will be launching next week ( Friday 26th August) and will be on sale at a special introductory price on our pattern store. Click here to visit our pattern store and see our other designs.

We’ll be back over the weekend with news of our first ever Knit-Along, why not pop over to Ravelry and join in the fun?

Click here to go to our KAL forum on

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Welcome to the new blog

Easyknitter's Orbit Shawl

Orbit Shawl designed by Jon Dunn-Ballam

Hi Gang,

Most of you will know that I used to use the blog page on the website…. not at all as often as I should have, but I DID use it occasionally. Today I decided that I should get a ‘real’ blog, one that was out there for the whole world to read, and not just people on my website.

The Theory behind this is that I will need to blog considerably more often, which of course I have failed spectacularly at doing so in previous attempts. But in my defence, there is now a constant stream of things to blog about, even if just once a week I share the latest creations from my dye pots.

So this is the official welcome to my blog post. The layout and design here may change frequently for a few weeks until I am happy with the layout, look and feel of the thing, but bare with me in this teething stage.

To start us off, the image above is one of my most favourite creations this year to date. Above, you should see, if I linked it in correctly, the shawl designed for Sushi Shawl Along 6.0, the design is named Orbit and is available in my pattern store here. I hope that many of you will enjoy patterns as I upload them to the store, and will find your way there after reading posts here.

Well that’s it for this first ever post, I’m off to get on with some work, and think hard about my next post coming soon ( really I promise this time ).

Keep knitting x


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