Delicious Deeply Wicked Deluge

Well it would be rude not to share these on the new blog wouldn’t it now?

Hope you are all enjoying the look and feel of the new blog, it’s slowly taking shape as I learn new tricks and techniques in wordpress that will help make this blog gorgeous as well as easy to read.

Today is Friday, and what does that mean here at HQ? Deeply Wicked update of course!

For those of you who are new to the world of and have not yet met a skein of Deeply Wicked yarn, I can of course inform you that the pictures you see here, just do not do them justice.

Deeply Wicked is dyed in a unique and exclusive way here at HQ which gives each skein it’s namesake, the yarn is completely saturated with dye and then ‘set’ in a way which allows each and every fibre/pore in the yarn to be penetrated with rich, vibrant colours.

Each skein is like a snowflake, it is unique in every way, although Deeply Wicked is dyed in 4 skein batches, not 1 of those 4 will be the same, even though from the same ‘bath’, making each skein a work of art, never to be repeated.

It is of no surprise to someone armed with the above information that the average update ( and their are 2 updates on a Friday, one at midday BST and one at 5pm for our friends overseas ) only last on average 30-40mins on the site before all skeins are snapped up.

Also at a recent event where Deeply Wicked had it’s debut, over 250 skeins sold in just 48hrs – Amazing huh? Deeply Wicked is ‘everything’ that stands for, it is fun, bright, unique, loud, cheerful, and luscious, each skein is 100%  4ply or DK Superwash Merino, offering a generous 400m (4ply) and 260m (DK).

In just 8 weeks since launching Deeply Wicked we have sold over 600 skeins and we’re dyeing more and more everyday.

In addition to the beautiful yarns we have been working hard to bring you 1 skein knits that will make your Deeply Wicked yarn simply ‘pop’ when you knit it up into any of the designs.Our latest creation ‘Shazaam’ will be launching next week ( Friday 26th August) and will be on sale at a special introductory price on our pattern store. Click here to visit our pattern store and see our other designs.

We’ll be back over the weekend with news of our first ever Knit-Along, why not pop over to Ravelry and join in the fun?

Click here to go to our KAL forum on


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