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New Website Launch

Well what a roller coaster of a couple of weeks we have had here at HQ.

We’ve been so busy cataloguing and counting and photographing and updating that we’ve had little time for anything else.

But I hope you will all agree it has been well worth it in the end? Last Friday we hit the switch and launched our new website, but what is different? Well LOTS!

On the new site we have:

  • stock control
  • shopping cart
  • postage calculation
  • discount codes
  • new product images
  • search functionality
  • order tracking

… and that is to name but a few of the new functions our new ‘ecomms’ website has allowed us.

We’re still very much in the learning stage with the new site, but each day we’re finding new and exciting things that it will enable us to offer you. Hopefully within a month everyone will be as familiar and at home on the new site than they were on the old one.

Why not head on over there now and have a mooch? It’s really clean and crisp and super easy to navigate your way around the shop.

One of my most favourite functions has to be the search field, if you type a colour or a fibre content, every skein of yarn available for purchase that relates to those colours or criteria will pop up in front of you… fabulous eh? Perfect for browsing for yarn for that certain project.

Also if you’re looking for a pattern for a particular garment, simply type the garment type in and a list of all of our patterns available will pop up for you, but as you all know me well enough by now, that will mainly be socks/shawls or scarfs 🙂

We hope you enjoy the new shop and of course we welcome your feedback on every detail of the site, there are a few ranges we’ve had to remove from stock for now, but most of these will be returning with a re-vamp in coming weeks, so keep checking back for news on those.

To celebrate the launch we’re offering a 10% discount on orders placed before Sunday 2nd Oct, simple quote the discount code ‘easynewlaunch’ at check out to apply your 10% discount.

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In print – Again!

Well, I know I’ve been a little quiet for a couple of weeks, but I’ll hope you’ll have noticed why?

Yep – that’s right the new website has gone live!

After a whole month of work and preparation the website went live yesterday, and it was as smooth a transition as I could have hoped for and feedback so far has been great! Pop
over and have a browse if you’ve not already had a look and see what you think!

Anyway – back to the reason for this post! Ive had another pattern published, this time in ‘Simply Knitting’ magazine issue 85 – October 2011.


The design is a snugly and squishy, winter warming theme, a mans sweater knit in a roving style ‘slubby’ yarn, it’s a super quick knit with a interesting but not overly difficult pattern to keep you interested, consisting of twisting cables and lovely textured moss stitch.

Perfect for the man in your life – or if you’re me…. Yourself 😉

We recommend using our cloud yarn for this knit, and if you want to order enough for the knit in 1 shade, contact us directly and we’ll offer you a batch deal on the price when you quote ‘Diamond Geezer Sweater’


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Deeply Wicked dilemma


So, with the twinkle DK cowl off the needles and waiting to be modelled at the weekend I’m left with a tough decision in front of me of what to cast on next?

I have gone through things I’d like to knit for myself this year, there is a particular need for me to design a huge cuddly cable sweater for myself, but the yarn hasn’t been dyed for that yet – maybe next month.

I’m already working on several club designs at the moment, and not forgetting the X-Factor mystery KAL designs too ( have been thinking about the next garment idea a lot this week ).

So what does it leave me for my ‘unwinding’ for myself type knitting – nothing at the moment! Believe me, even though I dye yarn and knit every day, there are still days when I want to knit for me, several of my designs started life as a ‘for me’ project, where I just sat and played with no idea of what I was creating other than ‘shawl’ or ‘sock’.

So here is my dilemma – I have an idea of colourwork scarf/shawl design in my head – but I cannot choose between 3 colour combinations of Deeply Wicked yarn…. yarns I have sneakily kept for myself from updates in previous weeks (hey, a Yarnie has to have his perks of the job, eh?)

So help me out if you can? What do you think of any of these combinations? Comments and suggestions are welcome

“bigger on the inside blue & time vortex gold”


“kingfisher blue & banoffee yellow”


“deep forest earth & link green”



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Twinkle DK Cable Cowl


Here I am, a Sunday afternoon in front of the tv (the weather has been too changeable to do anything more constructive today), so I decided to play with some Twinkle DK. The colour is one of my favourite semi-solid tones ‘swamp thing’, I love the foresty greens with hints of brown and lime flashing through it, all the time a hint of sparkle showing through.

I wanted to come up with a design that would allow a knitter to create a pretty garment in just a few hours, not too complex, and using only 1 skein… A cowl seemed like the perfect option, especially with the weather changing so rapidly – it’ll be the perfect temperature to wear one of these beauties soon enough.

What do you think? As you all know I’m in love with cables, and these rather elegant examples of a braid and a ‘wave’ as I call them in my head are made to ‘pop’ when knit in the gorgeous 75% extrafine merino 20% silk and of course not forgetting the 5% stellina – to make it ‘glitter’ in the fading afternoon light!

Not forgetting my love of moss stitch too, another beautiful stitch made to shine with this yummy yarn!

Well that was a bit ‘salesy’ – I didn’t mean it to be, I genuinely love this yarn base and will be planning to work with it a lot more soon! Hopefully I can also finish this knit today making it a very quick knit indeed – will have it up for sale in the pattern store too soon!

Anyway THAT’S what I’ve been doing this wet Sunday afternoon, that and watching Ghostbusters on the tv – yay!

Perfect Sunday 🙂


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