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Nano Skeins are GO!


Introducing Nano Skeins, these tiny little skeins of yarn are just so so cute and irresistible.

NANO SKEINS are perfect to add that little flash of colour to a project, weather it be a sock cuff/toe/heel, a little colour motif, embellishment, or if you have a perfect project in mind that requires tiny amounts of lots of colours… they’re just PERFECT!

Nano Skeins come from the Deeply Wicked family, they’re the same 4-ply fingering 100% Superwash Merino base yarn that we all know and love, and we’ll be constantly adding to the range every time we dye a new batch of DW, so there will always be an entire rainbow of colour to choose from in the Nano Skein store here!

At just 10m per skein, 1 is never enough, so we’ve added a special offer giving you a discount when you by 6 or 12 nano skeins, just look for the codes at the top of theNano Skein page, and apply at checkout.

To help inspire and promote perfect ideas for using Nano Skeins we’re going to be adding different knit/crochet ideas for using up your nano skeins. So keep watching the blog this week to see what we come up with!



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October 7, 2013 · 8:48 pm


Hi guys,

I know I know – so few posts this entire year, but I’m sure those who know me and buy know that I’ve been working extra hard all year to bring you too yarns and clubs… So hard that one thing I’ve not found time to do is blog!

Going to remedy this by not worrying too much about content, and blogging about more ‘everyday’ things when I feel I don’t have anything AH-MAZING to share 🙂

So, many of you will have seen and indeed samples the DEEPLY WICKED METALLURGY yarns, right? Our delicious semi-solid range of metallic inspired yarns!


just a small sample of the jewel like tones of the Deeply Wicked metallurgy range

I’ve decided to include DWM in one of my designs for our winter booklet ( oh that’s right, we’re putting out a booklet this year too, I call it a bookLET because it is a small collection, perfect for Christmas quick knits, just a few patterns and some other exciting extras for Christmas too )

So here is a sneak at some DWM and some of the simple, basic, quick knits I’m working on for the booklet!

simple mitten design, super quick to knit

Back later this week with more sneaky peeks!

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Wonderful Wonderwool Wales

Hi Gang, 

I know I know, it’s been a while huh?

I’ve decided it’s just SO hard to keep a blog running and keep it updated weekly, it’s just one of those things, when you have 4 clubs running, a shop to update weekly and shows to prepare for all by yourself, the blog seems less important. 

I promise to try a little harder… I’ve now got the ap on my phone so I can blog on the go, lets see if that makes me do it more often eh? 

So… We haven’t spoken since February? ooh dear! Well, Unravel at Farnham Maltings was wonderful, apart from a sick helper, who trooped on regardless of feeling awful, we had a GREAT show… met some lovely people and sold heaps of lush yarn 🙂 

Since unravel we’ve been slowly preparing for wonder wool, as well as getting clubs out. Which I will blog about separately… see… extra posts already planned 😉 

Last weekend was Wonderwool Wales, our 3rd visit to the show, and this year we pulled out all the stops, ordered a double sized stand and dyed every last scrap of yarn we had to take along with us. But that wasn’t all…we also decided to do something about the plain and boring booth walls this year, last year we ended up with scuffed and dirty walls that we had to hide with yarn and carefully placed furniture… this year, we papered all the walls with a clean fresh lining paper, and doodled all over them 🙂 

We weren’t sure it would work, but the response was amazing, my lovely husband is an excellent cartoonist, and often draws silly little ‘skits’ for me, so he was in his element drawing away pictures of sheep, alpaca and of course me.

What do you think? 




Looks good eh? Well the judges of the ‘Best in Show’ Ribbon thought so too, we won best in show for our size of stand, and we shall be proudly displaying the rosette at Woolfest in 7 weeks time too 😉 

All in all, despite it being very cold and very wet, we had a wonderful show, met lots of lovely people, got some really great feedback and happy knitters leaving with armfuls of yummy yarn.

Our next show is Woolfest, taking part in Cumbria, June 22-23, and we hope to have just as much fun, and be a little warmer this time 🙂 

See you there maybe? 



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The Big Knit, November 13 – with new & exclusive products

Hi Guys,

It’s coming up to the weekend, and it’s time to pack up the knit-wagon and head on off to Exeter for ‘The Big Knit’ show, being held in Exeter’s ‘Corn Exchange’.

This is the first time will have attended the show, and I’m really excited (and as always a little nervous) about it.

I’m frantically trying to pack what yarn I think I should take along, knowing that I cannot the my ‘full range’ as I usually would to any show a) because the set up time for vendors is only 2hrs & b) because I have just 2 table tops worth of space, plenty, but not big enough for my normal racks. Also this will be the first show this year where I’ll be alone, Mr Easyknits can’t come along as he’s working the weekend for his real job, but I’m sure it will all be GREAT.

Also there will be a couple of brand new and exclusive items coming along with me to the show. We’ve not taken any fibre for spinning to a show in over a year now, but we’ll be bringing some delicious and BRAND NEW fibres for spinners to the show, introducing:


A beautiful new spinning fibre, made up of extra fine merino/silk and stellina, a luxury fibre for spinners that just glistens and sparkles like all the yarns in our twinkle family, only now you can spin it yourself . Photo’s do not show just how glittery it really is!!



The ever stunning Deeply Wicked family has grown once again, adding the delectable and super squishy ‘heavenly’ to its fold. The 100% superwash merino  DK weight ‘roving style’ yarn, is a thick/thin, deliciously soft and cuddly base, with a generous 220m, dyed in the same vibrant and exquisite style as all Deeply Wicked. No two skeins will ever be the same.

If you’re coming along, and there is something you’d LOVE us to bring along from the shop, let me know, as space is limited and I’ll only be bringing a selection of our best sellers and  new products along.

Details of the show are below, I hope to see you there!

The big KNIT show

13th November 2011 – 10am-4pm

Venue Address: Exeter Corn Exchange, Market Street, Exeter, EX1 1BW
01392 – 411700

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I’d like you to say hello to my little friends… they’re very shy, but oh so cute. Let me tell you about my little guys…

Introducing the  offspring of our  ‘Big Boy’ range …

• 100% British yarn
• Blended exclusively for
• Fantastic colour combinations
• Little Guys want to help – they are very versatile!

Little Guys are 5 colour-delicious 20g mini skiens that arrive as a family. They have been created to complement each other – well, they’re like tiny brothers and sisters, mix and match them, they love it!

The Little Guys range is exclusive to and has been specifically dyed to create super stripey socks, funky fair isle or blindin’ blanket segments.

Little Guys are exactly the same base yarn as our Big Boy range, so why not pair them up for the perfect fair isle project?

They’re your Little Guys – what will you create?

Incidentally… I took 1 20g mini skein and managed to create 5 delicious hexipuffs for the Beekeepers Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits, so 1 set of Little Guys would be enough for 25 little hexi’s 🙂

Going live on the website at 11am today… and there is a VERY limited stock, in fact, so limited once they’re gone we won’t be able to offer you more until January 2012, but hopefully you’ll think it worth the wait.

Click here  to get your ‘Little Guys’ today!


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In print – Again!

Well, I know I’ve been a little quiet for a couple of weeks, but I’ll hope you’ll have noticed why?

Yep – that’s right the new website has gone live!

After a whole month of work and preparation the website went live yesterday, and it was as smooth a transition as I could have hoped for and feedback so far has been great! Pop
over and have a browse if you’ve not already had a look and see what you think!

Anyway – back to the reason for this post! Ive had another pattern published, this time in ‘Simply Knitting’ magazine issue 85 – October 2011.


The design is a snugly and squishy, winter warming theme, a mans sweater knit in a roving style ‘slubby’ yarn, it’s a super quick knit with a interesting but not overly difficult pattern to keep you interested, consisting of twisting cables and lovely textured moss stitch.

Perfect for the man in your life – or if you’re me…. Yourself 😉

We recommend using our cloud yarn for this knit, and if you want to order enough for the knit in 1 shade, contact us directly and we’ll offer you a batch deal on the price when you quote ‘Diamond Geezer Sweater’


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Deeply Wicked dilemma


So, with the twinkle DK cowl off the needles and waiting to be modelled at the weekend I’m left with a tough decision in front of me of what to cast on next?

I have gone through things I’d like to knit for myself this year, there is a particular need for me to design a huge cuddly cable sweater for myself, but the yarn hasn’t been dyed for that yet – maybe next month.

I’m already working on several club designs at the moment, and not forgetting the X-Factor mystery KAL designs too ( have been thinking about the next garment idea a lot this week ).

So what does it leave me for my ‘unwinding’ for myself type knitting – nothing at the moment! Believe me, even though I dye yarn and knit every day, there are still days when I want to knit for me, several of my designs started life as a ‘for me’ project, where I just sat and played with no idea of what I was creating other than ‘shawl’ or ‘sock’.

So here is my dilemma – I have an idea of colourwork scarf/shawl design in my head – but I cannot choose between 3 colour combinations of Deeply Wicked yarn…. yarns I have sneakily kept for myself from updates in previous weeks (hey, a Yarnie has to have his perks of the job, eh?)

So help me out if you can? What do you think of any of these combinations? Comments and suggestions are welcome

“bigger on the inside blue & time vortex gold”


“kingfisher blue & banoffee yellow”


“deep forest earth & link green”



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