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Wonderful Wonderwool Wales

Hi Gang, 

I know I know, it’s been a while huh?

I’ve decided it’s just SO hard to keep a blog running and keep it updated weekly, it’s just one of those things, when you have 4 clubs running, a shop to update weekly and shows to prepare for all by yourself, the blog seems less important. 

I promise to try a little harder… I’ve now got the ap on my phone so I can blog on the go, lets see if that makes me do it more often eh? 

So… We haven’t spoken since February? ooh dear! Well, Unravel at Farnham Maltings was wonderful, apart from a sick helper, who trooped on regardless of feeling awful, we had a GREAT show… met some lovely people and sold heaps of lush yarn 🙂 

Since unravel we’ve been slowly preparing for wonder wool, as well as getting clubs out. Which I will blog about separately… see… extra posts already planned 😉 

Last weekend was Wonderwool Wales, our 3rd visit to the show, and this year we pulled out all the stops, ordered a double sized stand and dyed every last scrap of yarn we had to take along with us. But that wasn’t all…we also decided to do something about the plain and boring booth walls this year, last year we ended up with scuffed and dirty walls that we had to hide with yarn and carefully placed furniture… this year, we papered all the walls with a clean fresh lining paper, and doodled all over them 🙂 

We weren’t sure it would work, but the response was amazing, my lovely husband is an excellent cartoonist, and often draws silly little ‘skits’ for me, so he was in his element drawing away pictures of sheep, alpaca and of course me.

What do you think? 




Looks good eh? Well the judges of the ‘Best in Show’ Ribbon thought so too, we won best in show for our size of stand, and we shall be proudly displaying the rosette at Woolfest in 7 weeks time too 😉 

All in all, despite it being very cold and very wet, we had a wonderful show, met lots of lovely people, got some really great feedback and happy knitters leaving with armfuls of yummy yarn.

Our next show is Woolfest, taking part in Cumbria, June 22-23, and we hope to have just as much fun, and be a little warmer this time 🙂 

See you there maybe? 




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