Nano Skeins are GO!


Introducing Nano Skeins, these tiny little skeins of yarn are just so so cute and irresistible.

NANO SKEINS are perfect to add that little flash of colour to a project, weather it be a sock cuff/toe/heel, a little colour motif, embellishment, or if you have a perfect project in mind that requires tiny amounts of lots of colours… they’re just PERFECT!

Nano Skeins come from the Deeply Wicked family, they’re the same 4-ply fingering 100% Superwash Merino base yarn that we all know and love, and we’ll be constantly adding to the range every time we dye a new batch of DW, so there will always be an entire rainbow of colour to choose from in the Nano Skein store here!

At just 10m per skein, 1 is never enough, so we’ve added a special offer giving you a discount when you by 6 or 12 nano skeins, just look for the codes at the top of theNano Skein page, and apply at checkout.

To help inspire and promote perfect ideas for using Nano Skeins we’re going to be adding different knit/crochet ideas for using up your nano skeins. So keep watching the blog this week to see what we come up with!



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October 7, 2013 · 8:48 pm

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