Who loves ya baby?


Well isn’t that nice? When your copy of the knitter magazine arrives and you casually start thumbing through only to see a skein of yarn you think you recognise? To read further and realise it is infact a skein of ‘Deeply Wicked’ easyknits.co.uk getting a huge thumbs up 🙂 wonderful news 🙂

The knitter loves section always has some lush stuff on offer each month – I was thrilled to see our deeply wicked yarn get a spot and a glowing write up too!

Thanks guys, glad you love it – we do too 🙂



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3 responses to “Who loves ya baby?

  1. Yaay!! I’ve just been eyeing up your Sushi yarn at the yarn cafe. It looks very, very tempting.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you at Fibre Flurry, and probably investing in another skein of your gorgeous yarn. I’ll probably be wearing my lovely shawlette made with some of your rainbow sock yarn. I get loads of compliments about it.

  3. congrats – found your blog whilst trawling ‘The Knitter’ tags, as I’ve just been in the magazine too – it makes you feel so good doesn’t it! Lovely yarn too

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