Deeply Wicked dilemma


So, with the twinkle DK cowl off the needles and waiting to be modelled at the weekend I’m left with a tough decision in front of me of what to cast on next?

I have gone through things I’d like to knit for myself this year, there is a particular need for me to design a huge cuddly cable sweater for myself, but the yarn hasn’t been dyed for that yet – maybe next month.

I’m already working on several club designs at the moment, and not forgetting the X-Factor mystery KAL designs too ( have been thinking about the next garment idea a lot this week ).

So what does it leave me for my ‘unwinding’ for myself type knitting – nothing at the moment! Believe me, even though I dye yarn and knit every day, there are still days when I want to knit for me, several of my designs started life as a ‘for me’ project, where I just sat and played with no idea of what I was creating other than ‘shawl’ or ‘sock’.

So here is my dilemma – I have an idea of colourwork scarf/shawl design in my head – but I cannot choose between 3 colour combinations of Deeply Wicked yarn…. yarns I have sneakily kept for myself from updates in previous weeks (hey, a Yarnie has to have his perks of the job, eh?)

So help me out if you can? What do you think of any of these combinations? Comments and suggestions are welcome

“bigger on the inside blue & time vortex gold”


“kingfisher blue & banoffee yellow”


“deep forest earth & link green”




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16 responses to “Deeply Wicked dilemma

  1. Tahra

    My vote is for deep forest earth & link green, I’m not a big fan of too much variagated in shawls and I think the middle option might be too busy. The top I like but thats a big colour contrast, I tend to prefer subtler contrasts personally.

  2. Cazzie

    I love the forest earth and link green combo too – purely personal choice – my sort of colours :0)

  3. I like the “bigger on the inside blue & time vortex gold” as they are lovely bright and contrasting colours 🙂

  4. Clara Buckley

    I have to say my vote is for the “bigger on the inside blue & time vortex gold”. I prefer solids when they are going to be used together and I like really contrasting colours used together. I think I need to go home and knit after a very busy and stressful day!!

  5. I like the first one because it’s very bold. The second one looks a bit busy – what about pairing the banoffee one with the TARDIS-y one?

  6. nikki nakki noooooo

    Defo ‘Bigger on the inside blue & Time Vortex Gold’ together these two decetant rich deep colours are wicked. And we love Wicked.

  7. Deep forest green combo for sure. Those two look lovely together. I’m using River’s Edge at the moment for a Vixen and it’s working up soooo nicely…lovely yarn.

  8. Jan

    The last one…Definitely…It will be the perfect combo from the Green colour of Spring and the colours of Autumn from the other skein

  9. Kaz

    Definately the first one , bigger on the inside blue, time vortex gold, think the striking colour difference will give a rich looking shawl/scarf :))

  10. I have to admin. I love all three combinations, but it really depends on what style of knitting you’re intending to do with it. Stripes? Blended? Double knitting?
    For striking combination definitely the first two though.


  11. Jules

    i think the bottom one too 🙂

  12. Jane (Spinthrift)

    I think it’s got to be the first one if you’re asking me – bold & bright!

  13. I think I like the third the best although admittedly I usually shy away from yellow. 🙂

  14. I really like the first yellow & blue one BUT seeing as you just did the orbit shawl with similar colours, I’d opt for the last one with deep forest earth & link green. Something cosy looking for autumn would be great 🙂

  15. Deep forest earth and link green. Those colours are fab. and looks great together.

  16. ‘Bigger on the inside blue & Time Vortex Gold’ everytime. I love them. Are you going to Knitting & Stitching show? I bought some yarn from you this week for my friend’s birthday and have no money now and I’m totally lusting after everything on your shop. I am still hankering after your fields of gold splendour that I saw at Knit Nation!

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