Twinkle DK Cable Cowl


Here I am, a Sunday afternoon in front of the tv (the weather has been too changeable to do anything more constructive today), so I decided to play with some Twinkle DK. The colour is one of my favourite semi-solid tones ‘swamp thing’, I love the foresty greens with hints of brown and lime flashing through it, all the time a hint of sparkle showing through.

I wanted to come up with a design that would allow a knitter to create a pretty garment in just a few hours, not too complex, and using only 1 skein… A cowl seemed like the perfect option, especially with the weather changing so rapidly – it’ll be the perfect temperature to wear one of these beauties soon enough.

What do you think? As you all know I’m in love with cables, and these rather elegant examples of a braid and a ‘wave’ as I call them in my head are made to ‘pop’ when knit in the gorgeous 75% extrafine merino 20% silk and of course not forgetting the 5% stellina – to make it ‘glitter’ in the fading afternoon light!

Not forgetting my love of moss stitch too, another beautiful stitch made to shine with this yummy yarn!

Well that was a bit ‘salesy’ – I didn’t mean it to be, I genuinely love this yarn base and will be planning to work with it a lot more soon! Hopefully I can also finish this knit today making it a very quick knit indeed – will have it up for sale in the pattern store too soon!

Anyway THAT’S what I’ve been doing this wet Sunday afternoon, that and watching Ghostbusters on the tv – yay!

Perfect Sunday 🙂



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  1. Love that Lego stitch marker!! 😀

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